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I have a new tool in my toolbox...

Emily Wray15 Comments

If I were temporarily displaced from my studio and moved to my front porch due to construction, I would bring along the following tools:  Clay, red rubber Mudtools rib, serrated rib, drywall boards, canvas board and my new intern, Kaylee. 

Yep, that’s right.  I have an intern.  Last year in my university ceramics classes a lot of students were asking me questions about pricing their work, maintaining a studio after graduation, marketing and promoting.   I knew that the art department already had an internship program set up with a focus on linking students with Graphic Design companies in the community and I thought, “Why not have art students work with Fine artists in the community as well?”  

Ask and you shall receive.  Kaylee was a student of mine at Florida State for two semesters so we already have a general idea about how each of us functions in the world, which is a plus.  She knows that I’m a somewhat dorky, rigid planner whose house is generally pretty cluttered. (Kaylee also did some house-sitting for me this summer)  And I know that Kaylee is a responsible, soft-spoken, funny, tolerant person who shows up on time, doesn’t complain and loves monotonous activities. 

So far, those monotonous activities that Kaylee has performed are:  entering 120 new e-mail addresses into my list, weighing out clay balls for nesting bird bowls and keeping me calm when I thought a glitch in the system wasn’t going to let us enter 120 e-mails into my list. 

Even though the backyard construction isn’t going quite as quickly as I had planned and things seem a little chaotic, I know that two days a week Kaylee is going to show up as scheduled and do whatever it is I need her to do for the studio that day.  Even if she’ll be doing it on the front porch instead of the studio!

kaylee the intern