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Happy Anniversary To Us!

Julie Guyot

In 2010 we built my tiny 10’x10’ studio in our backyard and I made one of a kind ceramic work that was shipped off to galleries and exhibited in the occasional show here and there. When we moved into a new house four years ago I decided to rent a studio away from home and then two years later I moved locations in the middle of a hurricane and power outage. In total, I’ve been paying rent for four years this month. I’ve written before about how increasing my overhead costs changed the way I work. I switched from one of a kind work to more production style, gift-able and functional ceramics that could be easily mixed and matched in the home. With the production style work came slightly lower price points and I have really enjoyed being in control of selling my own work whether that happens face-to-face in my brick and mortar showroom or online through my webshop.

 As I look ahead to the future and think about what is to come for my little ceramics business, there are so many thoughts swirling around my brain. This morning I said to my husband, “I guess it’s probably a miracle that I’ve managed to pay my rent and labor costs and overhead these last four years.” And he said, “No. It wasn’t a miracle. It was lots of hard work on your part.”

 He’s correct. It has been hard work on my part but also on the part of so many others. Most nights I come home exhausted and just want to put my feet up and my husband cooks our dinner. On Saturdays when I’m working, he’s doing the laundry so that we can spend our Sundays together without doing chores. Except during the holiday season when I’m also working Sundays. Just today he moved some shelves in the studio that are too heavy for me to lift. Not to mention a few months ago when I insisted that the entire 1000 sq. feet of baseboards in the studio needed caulking as a last stand against the ants and other unmentionables that had been trying to sneak in.  The man is a saint. Or a hard working economist who works for me on the weekend for peanuts.

 There have been others. A friend who showed up to help me re-paint the walls after mishaps that were beyond my control. Another friend who help me pick out planters and flowers and spent her day off re-arranging my showroom in preparation for the holidays. There are my artisan vendors who make me look good with their gorgeous handmade products. The friend who sneaked in and mowed my lawn before a big event.

 Most especially I appreciate you, my loyal customers. You continue to shop local and handmade. You bring your friends and parents and sisters. You show up right when I need you and I want to say thank you. Although the future is always unknown, I want to give you all a huge shout out. We’ve accomplished a lot over the last four years and that’s really something for all of us to be proud of.



Julie Guyot


I am moving my studio and showroom to the historic Railroad Square Art Park in Tallahassee, FL. Check out the new events page for information on First Fridays and other events. I will be having a pop-up sale Friday, September 2nd from 6-9. I will make the move soon after that and begin working again with regular showroom hours and my usual events with some new fun stuff added in.

I am excited to be carrying the work of the following vendors:

Janae Easton of Platypusfile here in Tallahassee

The High Fiber  out of North Carolina

The Refinery Candles of Bainbridge, Georgia

Beautiful Briny Sea salt blends from Atlanta, Georgia

Stop by and say hello! I hope to have a sign up by October but I'm located right across from Black Dog Cafe.


Stop by and say Hi!

Julie Guyot
nesting serving bowls

nesting serving bowls

Even though I have decided to move away from regular daily hours for my showroom this year, there are still several ways for you to shop at the brick and mortar location. You are always welcome to make an appointment by emailing me at shop@julieguyotstudio.com or if you’re already in the area, you can stop by and see if I’m working. If the lights are on but the door is locked just knock and I’ll be happy to let you look around.

I’ll also be adding some more fun events similar to the Spring Open House that we had last month. These events are a really great way to pick up some gifts and meet other local artisans that I’ve invited to participate. And…there are usually treats!

In addition, I’ll be adding some “Open Door Days” at least once a month. These will be little pop up days when you can stop by the showroom and take a look around. The first of these will be on Saturday, May 21st from 1-4.

To stay up to date with all events and happenings, you can LIKE and check our facebook page to make sure you’re receiving notifications. I always create event pages that you can RSVP to in order to keep these on your calendar. You can also sign up for my email notifications on the webpage. (look to the right--)

Because I make all of my ceramic pieces by hand, it has been a challenge to have constant retail hours. When I’m focused on making my work, I cannot be the best host for you, especially if I’m knee deep in red earthenware! I find that these scheduled events work really well and allow me to give you the attention that you deserve. Thanks for your understanding and your patronage!