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Why I love being my own boss and working in my backyard...

Emily Wray2 Comments

You might think it is because on a day like today when I have a headache, I can make the decision to give up working in clay for the afternoon and head into the air conditioning (it was 101 degrees today) to work on less physical tasks.  Or that if I fall asleep for a few minutes after eating the biggest pulled pork sandwich known to man, no one will scold me. (Did I mention it was 101 degrees today?)

Really, it is because on a day like today when I get a phone call from a friend in need, I am available to help out. My friends know that they can most likely find me at home and that I'll always be up for an afternoon respite to lend an ear to someone who is having an exceptionally bad day.  Or even a slightly bad day.  

Today, this is why I love my job.