Julie Guyot Studio

Went for Coffee, Be Right Back.

Julie Guyot

The last few weeks looked like this: Magnificent vacation for a week. Then return to the studio for a week. Then my mom came to visit for a week. And now the unbelievable heat is arriving in North Florida and I’ve lost all momentum and motivation and I’m just supposed to go back into the studio and get to work? Day One was not very productive. Sure, I got started working on a wholesale order and then as I was waiting for things to dry so I could put them away, I started to check Facebook to see how everyone else’s day was going. What new and ridiculous things have our elected officials done this week? Today? In the last 20 minutes? Basically, I’m not using my time in a very productive way.

And then I found the wasps nest in my studio bathroom which forced me to use the bathroom at the coffee shop which forced me to purchase an iced mocha because I can’t in good conscious use another business’s bathroom without being a customer, right? So, now I’m really on a break because I have a coffee and I’m just hanging out and it’s hot and I haven’t seen a customer all day.

So, I decide I’ll write a blog post and then my time will be productive. But what to write about? How about how sometimes we just have these kinds of days and I get a do-over tomorrow? Tomorrow I’ll get up at 6:00 a.m. and lift weights and then get into the studio early, break for lunch and work through the afternoon, finishing up this wholesale order (at least stage one of the order) and feeling super accomplished. Yeah. Sure, I’ll still have to battle that wasp in the bathroom but tomorrow I’ll be ready for him. Worst-case scenario, I’ll be ready for another iced mocha.