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Monday Monday, so good to me...

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the little backyard studio that could

On January 2nd I began my one-year residency with the Thomasville Center for the Arts in Thomasville, Georgia. More than a few people asked me why I would want to leave my cute little backyard studio in Tallahassee and drive 45 minutes twice a day to and from South Georgia.  It’s true that my backyard studio sure was lovely and working from home provided a certain freedom to set my own schedule and take a 15-minute catnap in the afternoon if I needed to.  The drawback is that sometimes that “backyard studio be your own boss” model provides a little too much freedom and if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you will know that for the past two years I’ve been struggling with some serious fear and motivation issues that have only gotten worse by the freedom (or the isolation) that my backyard has provided.  Working from home allowed me to take the dogs for walks, make some fantastic lunches, pull weeds, wash dishes and even pick up dog poop instead of making new work or figuring out what I really wanted out of my art career.  Did you read that?  I was putting dog poop before my own career goals and art making.  I think we had a problem there.


south georgia

Yesterday I bought an iced tea from a drive-thru before I set off for my beautiful drive through South Georgia. (By the way this is definitely the place I’d want to be if the Walking Dead was real.  Kudos to the writers and location scouts.) Anyway, I engaged in a conversation with the woman working in the drive-thru about how we had both made it through Monday and that tomorrow would be Hump-Day etc. and when I drove off, something occurred to me about one of the things that had been missing from my former backyard studio life.  I hadn’t felt as if I were a part of something bigger.  But now I am officially part of the Working World.  I commute, I work in a building with several other people, I have a set schedule that I maintain, I don’t particularly like Mondays and I am accountable to someone outside of myself. 

I belong.  That’s a pretty good feeling. 


(this is the first in a series of writings I will be posting during my residency.)